Property Management

As dedicated boutique Property Management specialists, Charta Management is different to other companies.

Management specialists make up the Charta Property Management team, each focusing on their specific department. This strong focus on individual roles across all areas, ensures nothing is left out in the entire property management process.

With other agencies, there are often only one or two people in their rental department covering everything.  This can lead to a break-down of systems where procedures are overlooked, details missed and vital operations left incomplete.


Why Choose Charta

Because we have over 25 years of experience in the management of properties we are well equipped to handle anything that comes our way.  You name it, we’ve probably dealt with it.

We understand that buying an investment property can be hard enough, but many people find the most difficult part is actually managing the property and the tenants.

Running into problems is inevitable when letting an investment property.  If not handled correctly issues that arise can be time consuming, expensive and can frequently end in a disaster if.  It can be a struggle to understand and interpret the law, particularly with the new law recently enacted and this can sometimes be used against you. 

Leave the management of your property to us and as an owner you will have no need to deal directly with tenants. Charta Management will look after your investment for you. 

We’ll take care of everything. from marketing, renting, inspecting, maintenance, following up on arrears and even looking after mediations and court proceedings should they arise.  This allows you, the owner to treat your investment property as a business and not get caught up in the personal side.  True peace of mind.


Charta Management LTD provides a specialised, skilled quality management service where:

  • The tenant deals with the Manager, not the Owner
  • Staff are knowledgeable and helpful in response to enquiries
  • Quality properties are maintained by Charta contractors and maintenance staff
  • The investment property becomes a business for the owner with no day-to-day hassles
  • Charta Management utilises rigorous selection criteria to ensure tenants are screened carefully to minimise potential problems with rental payments and damage


Investors and landlords can relax in the protective cover offered through Charta Management's exclusive arrangement with Insurance Brokers who understand the needs of your property.

It's simple - engage the services of Charta Management to manage your property, take out the Landlord Plan through the brokers and you’ll get the best services for your property.

The Property Management Team

  • Mishael

  • General Manager
  • Management has had more than 20 years industry experience.
  • Varsha

  • Property Manager
  • Property Manager & is fluent in Hindi with over 9 years of industry experience.
  • Shaun

  • Admin Manager
  • Shaun has 6 years experience & is the Administrative Manager for Charta providing support to the group.
  • Roseanne

  • Property Manager
  • Roseanne has been with Charta for more than 8 years and is the Property Manager with a over 14 years industry experience.
  • Sunbera

  • Property Manager
  • Sunbera is a property manager and also speaks fluent Bangla, Hindi and Urdu.
  • Alana

  • Rental Manager
  • Alana is a Charta rental manager with more than 2 years industry experience.
  • Wendy

  • Rental Consultant
  • Wendy is a rental consultant more than 2 years industry experience.
  • Anita

  • Rental Consultant
  • Anita is a rental consultant with over a years experience with our team.

What our clients say

Charta has provided me with total peace of mind with regards to my property investment.

Dr Lannes

This investment is great because with Charta managing it, its hassle free for me.


They are difficult to fault. You'd really need to try hard to find an issue with Charta.


They are a highly experienced group and they've helped us expand a lot.


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